Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm Not a Fan of the Word Diet

I'm not a fan of the word diet - diet in the sense of restricting what one eats in order to lose weight. The problem with dieting is after we lose weight, most of us go back to our old eating habits. So, dieting sets most people up for failure. Making a lifestyle change is different. But making a lifestyle change is also admittedly overwhelming. The idea of completely changing the way we eat and exercise seems like a helluva lot of work. That's why most people go with the easier option of a diet, even though for the most part, diets are unsuccessful.

Changing to a healthy lifestyle is hard, but it's a battle worth fighting. It starts with baby steps. Change one meal a week to include a few extra veggies. Go for a walk after dinner instead of dessert. Skip  the overly processed snacks. And take time to educate yourself - or have Jacy Shaffer do the educating. I can't stress how much I've learned from Jacy. Knowledge is a powerful friend and food doesn't have to be the enemy. It's okay to struggle, it's not ok to give up.

Make a plan that will stick, start small, change one behavior at a time, and get support. You have the power to change, sometimes it's just hard to remember that fact. 

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