Friday, July 8, 2016

My First Meeting with Jacy

As Jacy explained it to me, the science behind losing weight is the same for everybody, You need to make smart choices, practice portion control, and increase movement and exercise.

But that's where the similarity stops because each of us face different challenges when it comes to weight loss: age, hormones, metabolism, health risks, personalities, habits, and relationships with food. In order to be successful, you need a balanced program that will help you learn about what changes are right for you and your unique situation. Enter Jacy. 

I can't stress how easy it is to talk with Jacy; the hour we spent together flew by. She is approachable, articulate, professional and in a word...lovely. As we reviewed my food journal, Jacy put on her detective hat, read between the lines, and uncovered areas that need some attention. She offered great suggestions while asking for my input and feedback.

Before members start training at the Fitness Center, a personal trainer puts them through an assessment. It's a simple physical test - a series of lunges, squats, balance moves, etc., so that the trainer can get a feel for how the client moves. Based on the results, a program is created that concentrates on the areas that need strengthening. I couldn't help but notice that the hour I spent with Jacy was like a personal training assessment. She asked the right questions, never once making me feel like I was being judged, and then we put together a plan. Jacy is supportive and encouraging and passionate about helping.

Here's what Jacy didn't do:

  • She didn't give me a rigid diet, stipulating black and white rules on what I can and cannot eat
  • She didn't eliminate any foods completely from my diet
  • She didn't give unrealistic expectations

Instead, Jacy and I set a few attainable goals and we will chat next week to see how it is working.

Losing weight and losing weight in a healthy manner are two very different things. Learning how to lose weight while eating healthy and avoiding nutritional deficiencies is key to sustaining good health and keeping the weight off. 

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