Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Before the Initial Consult

When I set up the initial meeting with Jacy, she sent me a consult form as well as a template for a 3 day food record and asked that I bring it to our one hour meeting. Three days of recording every blessed thing that I put into my mouth. Holy mother of pearl. Keep in mind that one of those three days is the 4th of July; a day I intend to inhale lots of snacks and a myriad of adult refreshments in honor of our great country. Perhaps knowing that I'll be recording my actions and sharing them with Jacy will entice me to make better choices? Fingers crossed.

I know that a food journal can do more than just track food and portion sizes. If I record the time of day that I eat and other activities that surround my eating habits, my food journal can help me identify consistent patterns in eating (i.e. After a glass of wine, I often find myself in the pantry. Grazing. And things of that nature.). Journaling is designed to build awareness of my habits and teach me how to judge portion sizes. But, I have no intention of journaling indefinitely. I don't want food journaling to become an obsession. Life is too short to be neurotic about food and weight loss. But I'm jumping ahead; I haven't met with Jacy or listened to her words of wisdom. Perhaps I'll change my tune. I'm open to her suggestions....

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